Our approach to interim executive leadership is all about making a difference and leaving a meaningful legacy. You can be confident that our people specialise in the interim market and have chosen this as a career option. This means you can be certain of their commitment to your organisation for the full duration of the contract and of their experience at quickly getting up to speed and delivering results.

We understand how important these placements are. Like you, we expect to see results and a clear plan, tailored to your organisation’s needs and circumstances. To ensure we deliver, we stand behind every one of our people and support them along the way. You don’t just get the individual, you get the PSI team.

We know all our candidates personally either through directly working with them or through specific recommendation. The ‘right fit’ is crucial so we make sure we have a full understanding of their specific expertise and capabilities. While they’re with you, we monitor their performance and progress to ensure they continue to meet your expectations and our own demanding standards.

As an alternative, we’re seeing organisations begin to invest in small teams to undertake what in the past was tackled by individuals. This is most often when vacancies occur and significant or complex change is required ahead of future recruitment. This approach provides both a cost effective solution and more rapid progress, ensuring you not only get your objectives delivered but also that you can go on to recruit to a better fit.

Interim support roles we have provided at Executive and Operational levels include:

  • Interim Chief Executive, South Wales 10,000 home RP: Leading the organisation through a period of significant change and uncertainty
  • Executive Director, Essex ALMO: Leading teams including Performance Management & Service Improvement, Governance, Communications, Resident Engagement and New Business
  • Director of Property Services, Essex Local Authority: Leadership of Property Services team including commissioning function and direct services team
  • Head of Housing Options, London Borough: Leadership and management of Homelessness, Private Sector Leasing and Allocations services
  • Director of Neighbourhoods, South East Registered Provider: Leadership and management of services to 16,500+ homes through six neighbourhood regions, a PFI scheme, three regeneration projects
  • Assistant Director, G15 member: Neighbourhoods and Revenues team management and service review of 15,500 homes across London