Collaboration is increasingly being seen as the solution to deliver improved and cost effective services to the public. It’s essential to maximise the benefits of internal collaboration and also make best use of relationships with key partners.

By exploring these opportunities, we can identify new ways to meet the community’s needs, or to maximise buying power or even to compete in the market for the best people.

We can help you understand how well your existing services are integrated, and how efficiently your teams work together to identify and solve common problems. This can be enormously insightful when evaluating skills and resources available to respond to emerging pressures and changed demands.

We will also explore opportunities and options for more collaborative working. Sharing ideas and resources across and throughout partner agencies and organisations has huge potential.

We can facilitate dialogue with potential partners to encourage exploration of ideas and models in a non-threatening and stimulating way. Partners might include Local Authorities, housing associations, private landlords, the police, the NHS and public health bodies.

We can also generate interest and motivation within existing teams to help them see the world differently, for example by exploring how the world of housing might change as a result of digitisation, data sharing and IT based transformations.