With so much focus on change and the desire to introduce new ways of working and technology-based service improvements, it’s important to ensure the short and long term capacity is available to deliver. Every organisation has finite resources and budgets and people can only stretch so far.

We can work with you to get a clearer picture of the capacity of your team to achieve identified improvements. We won’t just do this for the now – we’ll look into the future too. Working with you and your teams we can help develop your existing plans and new strategies that clearly articulate the ‘How’ and the ‘When’.

We can look at the tools used by your team, from skills audits and people management through to risk matrices and programme management structures, and give you feedback on the capacity of your teams and the systems they have available to them.

We are also able to support business case development and explore how it can be used to embed new ways of thinking around value for money and return on investment.