Intelligent asset management is becoming increasingly important. The need to increase efficiency and streamline resources, combined with the ongoing challenge of minimising the gap between demand and supply, makes for a tough challenge.

For residents, the repair and maintenance of their home is often their number one issue. For landlords, it can be an area of significant financial and operational risk, demanding considerable resources.

It can also be a tough service to get right. It is responsive, customer critical, complex and relies on interaction across a range of organisational disciplines. But getting it right can bring real rewards. Increasing customer satisfaction, driving efficiency and contributing to the strategic management of housing assets.


One of the key foundations of success and growth is the ability to maximise the value and performance of the housing stock. Achieving this requires integration; a coherent strategic approach to new development, reinvestment, planned and responsive activities.

We can help you explore the bigger picture, and support you to identify creative ways to manage your assets. This means thinking beyond investment programmes to the flexible use of diverse property portfolios to create an effective, considered and deliverable asset management strategy.