Your asset management strategy sets the framework for managing your property portfolio over the medium to long term. It will guide future strategic decisions to make sure properties are managed sustainably and efficiently fit for the future.

Property Assets are for more that bricks and mortar. They are fundamental in shaping and influencing the quality of life for residents and the social, environmental and economic health of the local community.

Your property assets are an important part of supporting and enabling the transformation of the way services are delivered. So an innovative and forward thinking strategy is essential.

In recent years the focus has changed from providing Decent Homes to asset investment and viability with a need to demonstrate a return on investment.

We can support the development of a comprehensive and coherent asset management strategy which provides a sound foundation for decision making around investment, acquisition, disposal and repair and maintenance policy.

This may require a review of your existing approach to ensure it is comprehensive and aligned with wider organisational objectives as well as evaluating, testing and validating the quality and comprehensiveness of the base data.