Our Story

So where did the PSI story start?

It all started with a shared passion for doing things right; for delivering results; for thinking differently. When PSI started in 2011, we were Richard and Adrian, senior executives in housing and property. We had each gained over 20 years’ leadership experience in the housing industry, as well as delivering services in other sectors including engineering, retail and logistics.

As well as complementary backgrounds, it became clear that we also shared the same forward-thinking attitude and commitment to quality. We both aspired to offer something different – to search beyond conventional approaches, challenge established thinking, and find solutions that work in today’s world, for today’s businesses.


But while our own roots are in the housing and property industry, that’s not where our expertise ends. Ultimately we are experts in developing strategy and redesigning services. That’s what we do, and it’s what we’re passionate about. So we set out to find others with the same mindset, and the same reputation for delivery.

Today PSI is more than a collection of specialists. We are a team. We work together and we support each other. We bring experience, expertise and learning from a range of businesses, which means we understand differences between and across those sectors. So our clients benefit from the collective knowledge and experience of some of the most experienced and creative people in the industry.