Collaboration: The Saviour of HMS Providers

I originally posted this comment in a group chat forum last month and got such an interesting level of debate I thought I should share it more widely. If the subject interests you, perhaps you’d like to consider joining the group: Housing Management Systems – Best Practice. It would be great to get some more of us ‘non-techies’ onboard!

“We are now all well rehearsed on the arguments that current HMS systems are ‘no longer fit for purpose’, that they charge ‘an arm and a leg’ for basic integration, that they are ‘too inflexible’…but is there a danger we ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’?

Would we take a different view if, for example, the HMS provider offered an alternative model of leaving the core system in place thus providing a high quality ‘data warehouse’ and opened up their systems for ‘free’ integration with other best of class systems instead of trying to be all things to all people?

OK, some might see this as a negative step (and no doubt there are technical hurdles to overcome) but surely the alternative is Housing providers drop them altogether. This might not be the best outcome for either party given the costs, level of risk and impact on both businesses?”

Adrian Barber, Director.

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