Empty Homes/Voids Improvement

Client Profile
Arm’s Length Management Organisation based in the North of England managing 15,000 homes in rural and inner city environment.

Client’s Challenge
High current and historic levels of empty homes, long turnaround times, isolated areas of low demand and rising costs.

PSI Support
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • Redesign of processes and working practices including the development of an options appraisal framework for all high cost / long term voids
  • Introduction of a single point of control for end to end process
  • Market testing and analysis to inform development of a marketing strategy and the implementation of a customer retention strategy
  • Revised procurement and contracts management approach and the renegotiation of contract performance standards with partners
  • Development of a ‘blueprint for success’ to ensure the client was left with a positive legacy from the transformation experience

Outcomes for the Client
Improvements in performance across all key indicators including:

  • >50% reduction in empty homes within six months
  • Efficiency savings in excess of £350k in year 1 (projected to achieve a further >£750k over 18 months)
  • Void costs reduced by 38%
  • Relet times reduced by 57%
  • Refusal rates reduced from 33% to 14%
  • Improved image and attractiveness as a landlord in the marketplace

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