Service Transformation

Client Profile
Medium sized Stock Transfer Housing Association managing around 10,000 units looking for service transformation.

Client’s Challenge
To evaluate the performance of Housing & Estate Management services in the context of low customer and staff satisfaction with a view to improving performance and efficiency.

PSI Support
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • Visioning sessions with staff, executive, customers and Board to identify perceptions, aspirations and perceived obstacles
  • The introduction of Business Insight and Data Analysis functions Instilling a ‘Management by Fact’ and ‘Design by Demand’ ethos
  • Redesigning of services through Lean process improvement and Agile project management which supported mobile working and enhanced systems for tenancy and estates management
  • The Creation of dedicated estates management services through an innovative social enterprise model

Outcomes for the Client

  • Improvements in performance across key indicators including
  • Fully mobile housing management workforce
  • Significant increase in on site working (>60% onsite from <20%)
  • Increased customer satisfaction in all areas (independently verified)
  • c.£150K efficiency savings (time reinvestment) and 5.5FTE savings
  • ASB reporting and multi-agency collaboration improvements
  • Potential further £500k savings identified (to be delivered)

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