Business Development Planning

Client Profile
Eastern region ALMO managing c.7,000 homes on behalf of Local Authority partner seeking PSI business planning support.

Client’s Challenge
For PSI business planning to help develop a new, five year strategic business plan that demonstrated how the ALMO could continue to add value to the Council ‘family’ of providers.

PSI Support
Working with the client to develop and draft the strategic business plan our approach included:

  • Evaluating ‘the story so far’ to capture and understand historic context, direction and performance
  • Engaging with the leadership of the Local Authority and the ALMO to assess aspirations, challenges, obstacles and frustrations
  • Facilitation of dialogue with staff, residents and wider stakeholders to develop a shared set of ambitions and aspirations
  • Environmental analysis to clarify the policy, regulatory, social and demographic context
  • Business analytic to determine resources, capacity and potential to deliver forte plans

Outcomes for the Client
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • A clear vision for both the organisation and the Local Authority
  • A collectively owned and supported strategic business plan that reflected the views of stakeholders
  • A sound platform for the development of the organisational planning and performance management framework

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