Programme Management

Client Profile
Medium sized stock transfer housing association managing 10,000 units in a predominantly rural environment seeking to improve programme management.

The Challenge
To improve business performance and project delivery though the establishment of a structured, corporate approach to project management and an objective evaluation of improvement capacity.

PSI Support
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • An objective assessment of the capacity of the organisation taking into account skills, knowledge, systems and resource availability.
  • A detailed analysis of existing systems and the approach to business planning, project management, risk management and budgetary control
  • A single focus on ‘One version of the truth’ using data analysis and business insight
  • Introduction of a specialist Lean based service improvement team and Agile based programme management framework

Outcomes for the Client

  • Increased capacity without a detrimental impact on business as usual and the creation of Investment & Service Improvement fund through efficiency and budgetary control savings
  • Full project toolkit based on Agile methodology allowing a consistent structured approach to project management combined with new skills development (Lean, Agile)
  • Improved efficiency and rolling budget forecasting delivering Investment pot of £250k in first year supported by increased focus on value for  money and return on investment
  • Increased visibility of project management control, performance improvement and resource utilisation

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