In-House Repairs Service Review

Client’s Profile
Wales based Registered Provider Direct Labour Organisation using a combination of direct and sub-contract labour.

The Challenge
The need to identify the potential to improve efficiency, productivity and performance as well as develop leadership and culture change.

PSI Support
We supported the client using hard business analytics combined with team engagement to examine leadership and cultural challenges. Our approach included:

  • Analysis of business data to determine the reasons for rising costs, reduced productivity and weaknesses in performance of both the in house team and external contractors
  • Evaluation of the extent to which DLO business planning was aligned with the wider needs and aspirations of the organisation
  • Assessment of the organisational culture, attitudes and motivations of individuals and teams both within and beyond the repairs service
  • Process mapping to determine the effectiveness of interdependent systems such as repairs diagnosis, invoicing and the commissioning of external providers
  • A comprehensive evaluation of immediate, medium and long term risks

Outcomes for the Client
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • A clear, analytical based view of how the service was functioning which exposed the areas driving rising costs and reduced performance
  • An understanding of the areas where strategic alignment needed strengthening
  • A cultural and behavioural ‘map’ of the service and detailed recommendations of the action required to address leadership and managerial challenges
  • Accessible and succinct process maps showing areas of dysfunctionality that offered opportunities for service improvement
  • A documented risk assessment that provided visibility of the key priorities

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