Business Leadership

Clients Profile
Wales based Registered Provider managing c.10,000 homes and three subsidiary companies seeking interim business leadership.

Client’s Challenge
To supply interim business leadership through a Chief Executive Officer to steer the organisation through a period of significant uncertainty and to provide stability and assurance to key stakeholders such as Funders, the Regulator, Local Authority, Board and staff while also preparing the organisation for the future.

Our Solution
Working closely with the Board and senior management team our approach included:

  • Speedy temporary recruitment to and establishment of interim Executive Management Team
  • Evaluation and analysis of business capacity, risks and financial viability
  • Engagement with and management of key stakeholders and external relationships
  • Refocusing of the teams on core service delivery, efficiency and customer satisfaction through the development of a new interim Corporate Plan
  • Instigation of culture change through rebranding and improved internal collaboration
  • Completion of a Governance review covering Executive, Board and Customer dimensions

Outcomes for the Client
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • Successful recruitment and handover to new Executive team
  • The introduction of a Business Case service improvement framework and supporting programme management office
  • Improved business performance in all core service areas with customer satisfaction increasing in all seven indicators (independently verified)
  • A more transparent and robust approach to financial management and budgetary control
  • A Board development plan linked to corporate ambition and environment
  • Increased customer engagement and structured scrutiny framework

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