Asset Management Service Evaluation & Risk Appraisal

Client Profile
Midlands housing authority owning 10,000 homes and working across urban and rural contexts seeking an Asset Management service evaluation.

The Challenge
To undertake a robust Asset Management service evaluation to establish what was required to develop a cohesive and coherent asset management framework, reduce costs, improve performance and identify immediate risks following unanticipated staff changes.

PSI Support
We supported the client with a thorough evaluation of the strategic position, policy integration and service performance. Our approach included an assessment of:

  • The extent to which the Asset Management Strategy was set in the context of the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan and was integrated with other strategic and policy objectives
  • The alignment of strategic intent with performance measures, divisional, team and individual plans
  • The degree to which the Procurement Strategy was used to successfully support organisational objectives and Asset Management strategy and service delivery
  • The fitness for purpose of the organisational delivery model, management controls and risk management framework
  • The  extent to which the service was responsive to and designed around the needs of customers

Outcomes for the Client
In partnership with the client PSI helped deliver:

  • A high level evaluation of the relationship between corporate ambitions, the Housing Revenue Account Business Plan, available resources and the aspirations or the Asset Management Strategy
  • Mapping of the relationships horizontal and vertical integration of strategies, departmental plans and  the performance management framework
  • An understanding of the limitations or the current procurement strategy supported by clear, concise recommendations on the required improvements
  • An evaluation of the capability of the existing delivery arrangements to both deliver service and control risk supported by an action plan setting out required short and medium term interventions
  • An assessment of the use of customer information and insight to drive service development and delivery

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