Five Common Mistakes That Might Be Holding Your Organisation Back

Over the years working in the public sector and housing, we have met with many organisations frustrated at performance levels and wanting to transform services. Interestingly, it regularly comes down to just five common themes that are holding an organisation back. We thought we’d share these with you so that you can make your own judgement.

1. Information

Managers lack robust information upon which to make good management decisions, or worse, the information isn’t trusted. This prevents essential proactive and pre-emptive actions and stifles innovation. It can also often result in bad decisions.

2. Processes

Processes and procedures are too complex, overly rigid with multiple interfaces and engender silo working. Teams put in place numerous workarounds to deal with dysfunctional processes making matters worse.

3. Contract Management

Contracts are weak for the client, relationships with the contractors are ineffective and contracts are not robustly managed. Value for Money is almost impossible to measure.

4. Performance Management

Performance management arrangements that are not robust and do not feature as a key component of day to day activity or decision making. Targets do not encourage desired behaviours only slavish compliance.

5. Customer Engagement and Insight

Limited opportunities exist for residents to truly evaluate and influence the direction of services. Profiling is mistaken for Insight so fails to drive business strategy and service delivery.


Adrian Barber, Director

Our Clients